PPRS Board President

Catherine Peery

A Pescadero resident since 1989, Catherine joined KPDO in 2010 and has become its biggest advocate at the County and in the community.

In addition to serving as board president and day-to-day operations manager, her interviews with local artists, business owners, school board candidates, and county officers have helped bring to light issues that concern the children and families of Pescadero, including housing, infrastructure, and equity.

Aside from the radio station, Catherine served on the Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council for many years, acting as chair for seven years. She is also involved with Sustainable Pescadero, SC4 Amateur Radio Club, and the Pescadero Community Foundation. She is also the founder of Peery & Associates, Inc., a thriving business in downtown Pescadero.

Kassi KPDO Radio

PPRS Board Member

Kassi Talbot

Kassandra (Kassi) Talbot (she/her/hers) EdD is a doctor of Educational Leadership. Her dissertation title is “Reclaiming the Story: Youth Participatory Action Research in the Rural Social Studies Classroom.” When she is not working on projects for the youth, Kassandra enjoys spending the day with her partner, dogs, and family on a multi-generation compound on the coast side.

PPRS Board Member

Kristen Lindstrom

Kristen resides in the picturesque forested hills of La Honda where she navigates the rewarding roles of parenting two children, caring for two cats, and overseeing a dozen lively chickens. With nearly three decades devoted to education, her current position as an administrator in the La Honda-Pescadero School District allows her to contribute to the development of local youth and the community. The allure of living and working in these small rural coastal towns lies not just in the breathtaking natural beauty but also in the tight-knit, diverse, and supportive community that makes it truly special.